Activity Box - Medium to Large Breed

Activity Box - Medium to Large Breed

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April activity box is crammed full of toys and treats to keep you dog busy. 

Snuffle Mat - Every dogs and owners favourite. Tap into your dogs natural instint to sniff and forage, and help prevent boredom

JW Tumble Teez  -  designed to sporadically dispense treats as your dog plays with the toy. JW have intelligently designed the Tumble Teez with a patented internal shelf design that works like a maze for the treat to travel through. This challenging puzzle design keeps your dog engaged and makes treat time last longer. Made of natural non-toxic rubber and constructed with a super thick rubber wall, the Tumble Teez will stand up to all the fun your dog unleashes.

Kong Tag A Long Ball – Fits onto your lead to reduce slopper! Textured surface for better grip.

Lickimat Playdate - Lickimats are designed as tasty boredom busters for your cat or dog. By spreading your pet's favourite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game with them having seek out every morsel with their tongue. Freeze treats in summer for refreshing longer lasting entertainment.

Yaksee Chews Bars – Long Lasting, handcrafted treats made from Yaks Milk.

Woof Butter – Peanut Butter for dogs ,free from sugar and salt.

Alfies Diner Treats – enriched with Omega 3 for healthy skin & coats

Natures Menu Treats -


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