Activity Box - Small to Medium Breed ( up to 15kg)

Activity Box - Small to Medium Breed ( up to 15kg)

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April activity box is crammed full of toys and treats to keep you dog busy. 

Snuffle Mat - Every dogs and owners favourite. Tap into your dogs natural instint to sniff and forage, and help prevent boredom

Kong Goodie Bone (med) - The KONG Goodie Bone  toy engages dogs that delight in chew sessions. Made from the KONG Classic unique natural red rubber formula, this bone features the patented Goodie Grippers that turn this entertaining toy into a fun treat dispensing challenge that can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite kibble.

Eat Slow, Live Longer Treat Roller - The Feed & Treat slow feeder from EAT SLOW LIVE LONGER is an innovative treat roller that helps your dog eat in a playful manner, without gobbling food!

Lickimat Splash - Designed to enhance your pet's environment while benefiting their dental health and hygiene, Lickimats are a non-medical way to promote calm behaviour while your pet is home alone or during stressful events, such as storms, as a calming hormone (Cortisol) is released when pets lick repetitively, so your pet will feel soothed and relaxed

Peanut Butter Bubbles – Fun and games as your dogs chases these peanut butter flavoured bubbles.

Whimzees Treats – healthy chew treats, also fits in oefectly to the Kong Goodie Bone.


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