Enrichment Gift Box - Medium to Large Breed

Enrichment Gift Box - Medium to Large Breed

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Enrichment, brain games, problem-solving – all things that dogs love to do.

Bionic Stick by Outward Hounds   – The Bionic Urban Stick is an interactive treat holding dog chew toy that stands up to the toughest chewers. Naturally free of all the stuff you don’t want your dog chewing on like lead BPA and phthalates, the Bionic Urban Stick is made with unmatched durability and double the treat holding compartments making chew time super fun. The Bionic Urban Stick is made with 2 treat pockets to stuff and spread your dog’s favourite treats and peanut butter keeping them happy and occupied during chew time

Hol-EE Roller  - JW Hol-EE Roller is a fun, versatile dog toy with the durability you've been searching for. Rubber gives it strength, bounce and a soft texture The unique open design allows you to stash small treats or kibble inside for hours of entertainment for your dog.

Zippy Burrow  – This Zippy Burrow toy is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! And your dog will love moving the outer toy around trying to find the pint-sized squeeky toys inside! Once your playful pup has them all out, they’ll be begging you to put them back in again and again for hours of fun! It’s the perfect interactive toy for keeping your dog busy and engaged through hide-and-seek play that prevents boredom and promotes mental stimulation! This interactive hide-and-seek toy comes with 1 banana and 3 small squeaky monkeys.

Ruffle Snuffle Treat and Train Ball  - this fab snuffle toy is made entirely from fleece. Pop a few treats in and throw the ball and watch your pet forage though the fleece bit to find their reward.

Lickimat  – Time to spoil your pup while keeping them busy! One of easiest enrichments toys around, rub your pups favourite healthy soft treat over the surface and watch them work them free.

Olive Branch Large - chews are a 100% natural and long lasting chew designed to satisfy your dogs natural chewing urge and aid dental care.

Woof Butter - Woof Butter is a natural peanut butter designed specifically for dogs whilst focusing on health, wellness and mouthwatering taste. Woof Butter Coat Health contains roasted peanuts and specially formulated mix of vitamins and minerals to aid coat health.

Nature Menus Dog Treats – Real Meaty treats which are ideal for all training excises. No chemicals, additives or preservatives, 95% meat – these treats are a firm favourite with all dogs.

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