Dog Training Consultation Online

Dog Training Consultation Online

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Social distancing does not have to be a barrier to starting off on the right paw with a new puppy or for getting your dog some training help and advice.

A-Zoom Training Consultation with one of our trainers can help get you started working with your dog on any issues you may be having.

Zoom consultations are 1 hour long and our trainer will talk you through the training solutions to any issues you may be having.

Following the session, you will be emailed detailed notes and videos to work with tailored towards whatever training you and your dog require.

Appointments are 1 hour long and are by appointment only. 

Once you book a spot, your trainer will be in touch to guide you through the technological end of things before your session.

To book a video session email us at info@positivedogtraining.ie or call us on 019013018.


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