Enrichment  Box  -  Medium to Large Breed

Enrichment Box - Medium to Large Breed

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The second in our range of enrichment boxes to keep your pet happy. Enrichment, brain games, problem-solving – all things that dogs love to do.

K9 Connectables Yes Bone Pro    – The Yes Bone is made from super tough nylon and can take all the chewing and gnawing your dog can throw at it! With 1 – 6 connection levels the Yes Bone has some of the toughest challenges K9Connectables have to offer!

K9 Connectables Tuff Stuffer Pro - Get Connecting with the new Tuff Stuffer Pro! Made from super strong nontoxic rubber the Tuff Stuffer can take a lot of food and fun for your dog!

Charming Pet Bottle Bros  – Crack, crinkle, squeak! For those larger canine chompers who can’t get enough of that water bottle sound effect, we’ve tripled the size of an average water bottle to triple your pet’s fun.. With bright colors and a lil’ bit of attitude, these Bottle Bros are ready to your canine’s coolest new friend.

Lickimat Splash   – The Lickimat Splash bowl is a fun slow feeder buster boredom toy for dogs and cats, design for math time, grooming and vet visits. The Lickimat Splash has a suction cap allowing it to easily stick to any surface such as tiles, glass, and laminates and is easy to use; simply spread on your pet's favourite wet food, some yoghurt or gravy and they will be entertained by licking it out of the bowl. The bowl is made from natural rubber and is suitable for cats, puppies, small and medium dogs.  The splash mat is freezer safe so you can make a cool summer treat for your pet.

Dogsee Yak Chews - Coming straight from the Himalayas, Dogsee Chew’s Hard Bars are a 100% natural and reaaally long-lasting. These grain-free dog treats are super healthy dog chews, great to manage Plaque and Tartar.

Woof Butter - Woof Butter is a natural peanut butter designed specifically for dogs whilst focusing on health, wellness and mouthwatering taste. Woof Butter Coat Health contains roasted peanuts and specially formulated mix of vitamins and minerals to aid coat health.

Nature Menus Dog Treats – Real Meaty treats which are ideal for all training excises. No chemicals, additives or preservatives, 95% meat – these treats are a firm favourite with all dogs.

K9 Connectables Puzzle Treats – Super tasty and healthy treats that will fit perfectly in your K9 Connectable Toys.

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