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***January 2022 - Update***

We are not accepting any new applications for our daycare. Our waiting list is currently closed. Thank you for you interest.

Please do not submit an application without talking to one of the team in advance on 01 9013018 as it will not be processed.

Thanks for your understanding.


Please take the time to read through all our terms and conditions and FAQ before filling in your daycare application form. 

The first step to having your dog join us  is to fill out our daycare application form - please fill our form HERE 

Once we receive your form, one of the team will be in touch to arrange either a trial day (dogs under 6 months) or an assessment ( all dogs over 6 months ) 

Positive Dog Training Dublin Daycare

Daycare Assessment

Once we have received your completed application form, the next step in the process is to set up an appointment for your dog to come in for a daycare temperament assessment with one of our training team. The assessment will take about 2 -3 hours and during that time we will work with your dog on handling exercises, assess the level of basic manners they know, (sit, stay, on lead greetings, recall) introduce them on lead and off lead to other dogs so we can take a measurement of their reaction and play style with other dogs. Once no red flags are raised during this process we will then introduce them to a small group of handpicked dogs and observe their body language and level of comfort within the group.

Assessments are mandatory for all dogs over 6 months of age or over, regardless of breed, or if they have attended another daycare and we ask that you read carefully through our daycare terms and conditions before you book your assessment. please note these assessments cost 40 euros per dog.

Dogs, like us humans, all have their own personality and with that in mind, we ask that you do not feel disappointed if your dog should fail their assessment for daycare. Not all dogs are happy being in a group of dogs. This does not make them a “bad” dog, or unsocial but it means that at this moment in time daycare may not be in your dogs best interest from a behavioural point of view or their comfort level.

Why use our daycare?

Positive Dog Training prides ourselves on offering an enriching and fun daycare service for all our canine clients. Day-care can help meet your dogs need for activity and companionship, while all the time being under the close supervision of our trained and experienced day-care team.

During the time your dog is in with us, we do many group and sole activities offering them the chance to improve not only their social skills but also their basic training in and around other dogs.  PDT is a cage-free day-care, and we use only positive methods when working with your family pet. This means at no time will your dog be kenneled and we will always reward their good behaviour. 

Positive Dog Training Dublin Daycare

Frequently asked questions – ( updated December 29th 2021 )

Opening Hours – our day-care runs from Monday to Friday, 7,30am through to 6.30pm. You can drop off or pick up your dog anytime between these hours.

Do you do half days? – Sorry we do not offer a half day service.

What is your daily rate? – Our daycare is €34.50 per dog per day, a second dog from the same family on the same day €30.00 All our pricing is inclusive of VAT.

How often should my dog attend PDT daycare? - We recommend no more than 3 alternating days per week to allow you dog to an opportunity to learn to relax and be comfortable at home. If you require a dog walker for days that your dog is not i daycare, we can recommend someone in your area. Please ask at reception. 

Can my dog get injured at daycare? – dogs explore the world and play using their paws and mouths, so it is possible that your dogs could get a nick/scratch while in daycare. We do our best to make sure this does not happen by separating our dogs into size appropriate and playstyle groups. We have 3 different areas puppy playroom(puppies and small breed adult dogs ) smalltown ( small breed adult and calmer dogs ) and our big room and garden for larger breed dogs.

Do you accept intact dogs? - All dogs who come to PDT daycare must be neutered after 6 months of age. While we do have some leeway in regards to breeds and their development, PDT can not accept any adult dogs who are un neutered for daycare assessment. 

Do I have to book my dogs place in advance? Absolutely. We do not take in walk-in clients, you must pre-book your dogs' daycare days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Is there an age limit for daycare? We accept dogs in with us once they had completed all their vaccines including kennel cough. We do not accept new dogs over the age of 8, in line with advice from pet insurance companies, 8 is considered to be the average age when dogs are "seniors" and as such, a busy daycare environment may be too lively for them. 

Positive Dog Training Dublin Daycare

To guarantee a place in daycare and avoid disappointment we ask that you book in advance by one of the following ways:

Email us - info@positivedogtraining.ie

Phone us - 01 9013018

Facebook us

Contact us

*What happens if you are late collecting your dog?* You must collect your dog before 6.30 pm. If you are late you must let us know, and you will be charged an additional fee of €15 for every 15 minutes you are late.

Click here to read the Term and conditions of Positive Dog Training Daycare

Please contact us at http://positivedogtrainingdublin.com/contact.php if you have any questions or queries about this or any of our other services, we would be delighted to hear from you.


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