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October Covid 19 Restrictions - Closed Again for Now

October Covid 19 Restrictions - Closed Again for Now

Positive Dog Training is closed, and our team of 10 are all following the government guidelines and staying at home from work to help stop the spread of COVID 19 in the community. This is despite having maintained social distancing, wearing masks, working in assigned areas each day for the last 3 months when were open.

If you are a regular customer of Positive Dog Training, you will have seen that we have invested the time and money to make our business as safe as possible for our staff and clients. All areas of the business were revaluated, and our already stringent cleaning protocols enhanced. SO I can 100% understand the frustration, bewilderment and annoyance of our clients that all of our services have been suspended while others offering the same are open and trading?? WHY?

On the GOV.ie website, under animal welfare says the following:

FB IMG 1603028441445

So “animal welfare and related services “ – that’s us right? – Many in the industry seem to think so and are open and trading so why is PDT closed? We contacted our insurance company to make sure that we were covered to be open and this is the reply

20201023 143729

Clear as mud eh?

And then we tried The Department of Agriculture website, could only find information on dog grooming though, to try and get some clarity and this is what they have up there

FB IMG 1603180281953

So animal welfare or not, dog training and behaviour, dog grooming and dog day-care are in a grey area. And ethically, I am unwilling to open PDT even for those who live within a 5km radius for any service without insurance 100% in place for the protection of my staff, clients, and the dogs in our care.

I have contacted a lot of others in the industry and many are feeling the same frustrations as I am. Following the government's guideline on closing in a lockdown is our moral duty and we are happy to do so, however it is mentally draining and disheartening to see others not follow in the same spirit. Many small businesses nearly went under due to COVID this year and with the first lockdown there was a sense of we are all in this together – NOT ANYMORE. Many, and this is not just the dog-centric world, are actively looking for loopholes to continue trading. This lockdown will be much harder for most to bounce back from and we need all the help and support that we can get so we can at least have a fair shot at not closing for good.

I am not trying to be judgemental on any businesses that are open, they may have different insurance needs to me, maybe they have specific permission from someone to be open, I am just asking for some clarity for the rest of us.

I would ask all of our clients to contact their local representatives, TDs and the department of agriculture to make clear on their websites and documents if pet dog services are deemed essential or non-essential. Whatever they decide is fine, we are not really in the business of lobbying for any change that may put anyone at risk. With clear government guidelines we then at least have a fair chance to keep operating once lockdowns are lifted and then there is no doubt who should be open for business and who should be closed.

On a personal note, thanks to all who have been in touch checking we are ok, trying to help by sending me links to others who are open and trying to help me get clarity. It is very much appreciated. All going well we will be back in 6 weeks, for fun and games. Stay safe all

Liz x

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