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Introducing your puppy to grooming

Introducing your puppy to grooming

Keeping your dog healthy and happy is very important and one key part to this is getting your puppy used to being groomed at an early age. Introducing positive experiences to brushing, washing, getting your puppy used to being handled and dried are crucial to establish the process as being an enjoyable one for your puppy and one that they will be comfortable with.

From an early age, at home, we would recommend while your puppy is on your lap or lying beside you that you carry out these simple steps so your puppy becomes familiar with the different sensations

1) Gently hold your puppy's paws and feel in between its pads and inspect its nails.

2) Stroke your puppy's ears on both sides so it will be used to this sensation as the ears need regular cleaning.

3) Stroke and brush your puppy with a brush best suited to their coat type, even though it might not look like it needs it at this early stage, you are still introducing the sensation of being brushed and handled, as well as making it an enjoyable experience.

Anywhere between the age of 6 to 9 months, sometimes even later, your puppy's coat will start to change from its "puppy coat", which tends to be soft and fluffy, to their "adult coat" which is denser and course. This period of coat change can be a trying one. That's why at Positive Dog Training we believe it's important to bring your puppy in for its first introduction to the grooming process at around 5 months old. This is so they can familiarise themselves with the process, the environment and also our groomers. This is an invaluable part of socialisation and will benefit your puppy in the long run.

At 5 months old it is unlikely your dogs' coat will have any tangles or matting which are uncomfortable, so this ensures their first visit is positive, happy and enjoyable. During your pups first, visit we let them become familiar to the grooming room and our groomers. We wash them with warm water and low pressure and lather them in puppy shampoo. We give them a gentle blow dry and brush their coat on the groomer's table. We check their nails and clip them if needed. We also check their eyes and ears and clean them. At this stage we also introduce your puppy to the sensation of the clippers on their body, feet and head, as this can be a strange and new sensation for them. The whole process is finished off with a spray of perfume and a cuddle.

When you come to collect your puppy from its pampering session, our groomers will talk to you about how your pup got on and we will pass on any tips or things you might continue with at home to further improve your dogs' experience in the future.

Remember, regular grooming helps promote healthy hair growth and skin care, and an all-over happy dog. JT
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