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2016 – what’s your dogs New Years wish?

2016 – what’s your dogs New Years wish?

Many of us make resolutions at the beginning of the year, we contemplate losing weight, giving up smoking, taking up a hobby or joining the gym and actually going to it, but this morning, I met a lady walking her 5-year-old dog this morning who has made the decision that 2016 is the year she is going to start agility training with her lovely collie mix. It got me thinking how many of us actually factor in what our dog would like to do for the upcoming year?

Given the option would your dog choose to give up chasing tennis balls or cut back on the pigs’ ears OR would they choose a new hobby? Would they decide if they had the chance to make sure that they do an extra 2 miles each day on their daily walk? Would they decide to take up a class to learn something new?

Speaking only from what I see with my own dogs I think the first thing they would wish for is more of their owners’ time. How many of us get caught up with work, so much so that we bring it home with us, checking emails, looking at social media, taking and making calls? This has become the norm for most people, so much so that its very unusual to see someone walking their dog without a mobile phone in their hand.

So my one and only resolution for 2016 is to spend more quality time with my dogs. Giving them my full attention when we are out walking or doing some training, maybe I will even take up a dog sport with one of them! So if you are interested in doing similar here is some ideas for dog/human activities that may inspire you in your way.

Enrol in a new training class, training builds up a bond between you and your dog, its fun, usually runs for just an hour a week and will enrich your relationship with your dog. There are lots of training classes to choose from beginners obedience through to graded classes, nose work,, agility, recall, lead walking etc. Investigate doing a dog sport, canicross, agility, fly ball, scent work, tracking, rally obedience etc. Commit to making your daily dog walk fun for your dog, allow them to stop and sniff when they want, throw the ball if they fancy it and just enjoy the time you are together.

Heres to an amazing 2016 

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