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A Weekend with Ken Ramirez - June 17th & 18th 2017

A Weekend with Ken Ramirez - June 17th & 18th 2017

Since we opened in 2011 Positive Dog Training has worked hard to make sure we bring you the best dog trainers and behaviourists from around the world. We have hosted some amazing weekends here in the centre and we are delighted to be announcing that this June, for the first time in Ireland, we will host Ken Ramirez for a weekend dedicated to core training principles.

For those who may not be aware, since October 2014 Ken is the Executive Vice-President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training where he helps oversee the vision, development and implementation of training education programs for the organization. This role aligns with Ken's philosophy of helping to bring positive reinforcement training to all corners of the animal training world. 

Her has previously served as the Executive Vice-President of animal care and animal training at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, where he developed and supervised animal care and animal health programs, staff training and development as well as public presentation programs for the entire animal collection of more than 32,000 animals. He worked at Shedd for nearly 26 years.  In October 2014 Ken began a new role as a training advisor at Shedd as part of his responsibilities with Karen Pryor's organization.

A 40+ year veteran of animal care and training, since 2005, Ken has brought his experience as a trainer of many cognitive projects with marine mammals and primates to the dog arena.  Most notable has been his work with modifier cues, adduction, matching to sample, mimicry, and counting. The latter two projects: teaching dogs to mimic or imitate other dogs; and to learn the concept of counting are in the process of being prepared for scientific publication.  Both projects have documented cognitive abilities in dogs that have not been previously well documented or understood.    

Ken has been actively involved in the creation of a certification process for animal trainers in zoological settings.  He has been on the faculty of Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expos since 2005. 

Ramirez has written for numerous scientific publications and authored countless popular articles.  He authored the book ANIMAL TRAINING: Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement, published in 1999. He also teaches a graduate course on animal training at Western Illinois University. 

Join Ken Ramirez here at Positive Dog Training on June 17th & 18th  for a full weekend seminar that will examine core training principles that are often forgotten or overlooked. These will include an understanding the role of science, exploring various shaping techniques, the use of desensitization, the role of targeting in training, and a look at the importance of consistency and reinforcement strategies.   After setting the table with some basic training skills that every trainer should know and understand he will move the opposite direction and discuss complex and seldom used or understood tools such as Non-Food Reinforcers, Keep Going Signals, End of Session Signals, No Reinforcement Markers, Jackpots, Recall signals, and so many others.  In addition to sharing these basic and advanced tools, Ken will also discuss some of the unique ways these tools can be used in unique and diverse ways in conservation projects and to aid in consulting work.

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