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Fun, family friendly, force free training for the dog in your life. All levels and ages catered for!


Whether you own a Cavalier King Charles, a Newfoundland or a Cairn Terrier, a Westie or a fantastic cross breed, you may want to consider having him groomed or clipped.

Doggy News

  • Puppy Socialisation Part 2

    Puppy Socialisation Part 2

    Puppy play styles

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  • Puppy Socialisation - Part 1

    Puppy Socialisation - Part 1

    Puppy socialisation is not just about puppy play but also about building puppy confidence with sights, sounds and smells!

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  • Just walking the dog.

    Just walking the dog.

    . If your significant other said they were bringing you out for a meal, rushed you out the door, rushed you through ordering your food, pulled you away from your tasty dessert, spent half the time while at the restaurant talking on their mobile phone and then to top it was too busy to talk when you got home or just sat in front of the TV for the rest of the night, how would you feel? Then imagine that this was the routine every single night while you were spending every day waiting for them to come home from work

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